One of my very favorite parts of being a mama is watching my three children's relationships with one another develop over the years. I've consciously tried to create a family culture that values and nurtures their sibling relationships, and now that they are getting older, I'm seeing how that's coming together.

Last night they all jumped on the trampoline for two hours under the very full moon over our backyard. I had the back door to the kitchen propped open (while I worked on the long-overdue task of cleaning my extremely nasty fridge out -yuk) and I listened to them out there yelling and laughing together. They clearly have their own little inside jokes, just among the three of them, and they were just entertaining the heck out of each other.

I try really hard to notice these parts of parenting, and not just the really frustrating and annoying moments in time, of which there are certainly plenty.

I think the relationships among sibs are as important - and probably more important as people become adults - than parent-child bonds. I'm glad they have each other. I think I would have liked to have had a fourth baby...but three is nice.

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