molly ivins on newsweek

As usual, Molly Ivins is kicking ass and taking names, this time in discussing how Newsweek is being scapegoated by the White House.

Ivins details a laundry list of journalists - including some right wing pundits like Andrew Sullivan -- who wrote about evidence of of disrespect towardthe Quran as part of U.S. military prison culture. These cites came before the Newsweek gaffe.

Newsweek was sloppy. It didn't properly source its story. But to blame the riots and deaths and now -- as the White House is -- for the U.S.'s bad image in the Muslim world, is just plain wrong.


Anonymous said...

Sullivan is right wing? He is a homosexual activist and opposed the war. Hardly neo-con.

The Al Qaqaa explosives that supposedly were looted, reported by the NY times and then withdrawn, CBS and the guard memos, The Boston Globe retracting supposed GI rape pics, Eason Jordan's outrageous statements, etc.

I am no fan of Bush, trust me, but with a son overseas I have come to distrust the so-called main stream media very much.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I hope you are enjoying WBIR. I miss your columns in the Pulse.