Las Molcajetes

There is a really wonderful new little Mexican deli-type place on Magnolia Avenue that you should try. It's called Las Molcajetes.

It's got incredibly large and tasty tacos for only $1.25 each, and the taco menu includes fish tacos and tongue tacos (neither of which I plan to try. My foodie friend Jay Pfaffman says they are good, though). I can vouch for the chicken and beef. My daughter said her shrimp burrito was tasty.

Hours are 11am to 8pm every day. I don't know the street address, but if you head from downtown Knoxville, east on Magnolia, it's less than a mile out on the right. Small white building - storefront sign. Parking beside. You could definitely walk from downtown. It's really only a few blocks.

So go check it out.

PS: The name means "mortar and pestle," and they have some there.

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mamalife said...

Mmmmmmm.... sounds yummy, but a bit far to travel for lunch from Florida!