Since my piece ran in the NYTimes on Sunday, I have received in excess of 500 e-mails. I have read every one and will try to respond to most.

People have shared their own experiences with me, and offered advice and humor and kind words.

But a minority of the letters have been just plain weird. To wit:

-I have received one letter in which I am informed I am "a tool of Satan"

-I have received NINE marriage proposals

-I have had two letters offering me sanctuary if I decide to "go underground"



Moi ;) said...

I am not surprised about the hate mail. You have angered the Fathers Rights faction, lol. (Or Fatheads, as I like to call 'em, because Real Fathers wouldn't be like that.)

My hEx was one of those. Of course, being one of these FR morons, and using their lingo, he pissed off a judge, who threw him out of court. Nowadays they are getting their own onto the bench (women too - you know, second wives) so you can't be sure how a judge will react.

Bizarro isn't the word. It's more like Road Rage without a leash. They live in their own self-serving world, but show to the public a face of being child-centered. The more I read their sites, the more I want to wash.

Anonymous said...

I think there are two sides to every story. men get screwed all the time too. just look at how many women pick up the phone to report "domestic violence" as a trump card to their husband when in fact there is none going on. look at how many women are suddenly siccing men with child abuse and sexual abuse that never happened. I dont doubt these things really happen and are not just fabrications of "abusive men" who want to continue to psychologically abuse their women. but I think that for every in stance of genuine wrong doing you also have another of someone twisting things and outright making things up to get their way. divorce makes people ugly. they get pissed and want to get revenge. being dumped brings out something very nasty in people even if their behavior probably greatly contributed. women are no more exempt than men from behaving very badly, lying like crazy and pulling out everything their fool lawyer suggests. I am quite sure a lot of the fathers rights poeple are very legitimate and I am also quite sure that people who are at fault are able to pull a sob story and use groups that are supposed to be about helping people who are victimized to instead help them to victimize others. further I might add, I have personally heard many "victim" tales about how badly a person was treated when it was very obvious to listeners (although maybe not to them) that they were BOTH victimizing each other. so what do you do then? this probably hits a raw nerve in here but even in cases of adultery I think a good chunk of the time they are both at fault even if only one person slept with someone else. so what do you do then? is there a tool for repentence and for making things right where they were wrong before on both sides? or are people just doomed by their mistakes? somehow it seems that would be better tahn the ugliness that divorce breeds.