I've been running some more in the past few weeks and also hiked to the top of Sharp's Ridge with FiatandMabelthedogs, and I suddenly have bad shin splints, which haven't plagued me in a long, long time.

Nothing anyone has suggested is helping and I am in abject misery. Cannot wear any high heels this week, which is no fun.

So I'm on the hunt for ideas for shin pain relief. If you have any remedies that actually work, let me know...

My 53 year old Uncle J., who runs marathons and is actually doing an ultramarathon this month, says I need different shoes, but I've been wearing the same model NB running shoes for years with no problems.


Anonymous said...

You are not stretching properly if you are getting shin splints. It's all about stretching before you start.

You may also need orthotics in your shoes.

Dewi said...

I agree with new running shoes that are the correct style. Our feet do change as we age and worn out shoes are bad for your body. New Balance on line has a chart to describe the best style and fit for particular foot problems. Or a good sales person can look at your old shoes for the way you wear them down running to recommend the correct style to avoid shin splints..