Better than Grosse Pointe Blank

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Turnout was fab, considering we only had, what, 40 in our class?

In this picture, think I see (Front Row - Left to Right): Gray Anderson (partially out of frame), Steve Neuhaus, L.J., Betsy Babb Kennedy, Stephanie Jennings Edwards, me, Laura Vaughn, Karen Pimental, Burton Freeman, Sandra Berns, Bo Wagner

Back Row, left to right: Ben Huddleston, Todd Tolbert, Lance Romance, David Ordoubadian, Betsy Babb Kennedy, Steph Jennings Edwards, Steve Neuhaus, Karen Pimental, David Ordoubadian, John AUgustine, L.J., Sandra Berns, Connie Cox, Doug Holder, Bo Wagner, Burton Freeman, Thomas Roche, Laura Vaughn, Gray Anderson, Hung Sung Lu, Jimmy Bishop, Bernard Hubbard.


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