more jumping

Can I just say that I love, love, love jumping on our new trampoline? It's supah-fun. I find myself going out in the backyard at all hours to bounce up to Sharp's Ridge eye-level.

Two nights ago I went out and jumped on it for a while at about 11pm, after my kids were asleep, thinking no one would see me, but the next day my nextdoor neighbor e-mailed me to tease me about it.

It's a really euphoric thing --- I recommend it.


Rich said...

It's like flying, only better.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to jump on trampolines! Well, until I broke my arm from landing the wrong way on it. Many people say that trampolines are safe if they have a net, however, nets can make things worst if you get your foot stuck in them. The worst thing to do on a trampoline is what I did, land on it the wrong way. It hurt more than falling on concreat.