We all have our romantic non-starters - phyisical stuff that makes a potential significant other a no-go.

For my sister, now married, it was pointy shoes (I'm with her there) and what a guy said he would name a baby (she once broke up with an otherwise promising man who told her he had always wanted to name a daughter "Cheyenne")

My friend Hal says he could never be attracted to a woman with really short hair.

I have my own punchlist and to be honest, height is right up on top of it. I was looking at this picture of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes today -- she towers over him -- and thought to myself, I don't think I could do that -- date someone shorter than I am. I mean, it's the rare man under about 5' 8" that I find remotely physically attractive. Does this make me shallow? Or just honest.

Of course, given that I am 5'2" on a good day, almost everyone on the planet is taller than I am, so a man being actually shorter than I am is fairly unlikely. But all things being equal, I have to admit to a general lack of attraction for short-ish men.


Mr. Booni said...

Hmm ... I'd have to ponder on a "no-go" list for a few minutes. Short hair is A-OK to me, though.

mamalife said...

I'm with you on the height issue. As I am 5'2" I also don't find this a big issue... but I once went on a blind date with a man who stated he was 5'4" and when I went to meet him he was SHORTER than me. I felt terribly but it truly bothered me. He also had "little man's syndrome" in terms of personality, so between both of these issues there was not a second date!

Anonymous said...

I've been married for a LONG time but I remember one of my dating rules: 'never date a man whose breasts are bigger than yours.'

mamalife said...

Oh anonymous, that is HILARIOUS!!! And I think a VERY good rule to follow!!