the playgroup drinking game

Hey, check it out! My friend Marrit Ingman's brand new book is now available on Amazon. Marrit is so, so funny and clever. If anyone can make postpartum depression a laugh riot, she can.

From the book's description: "Marrit Ingman became a mother on February 27, 2002. She went crazy—also on February 27, 2002. Her journey began with a plate of carne guisada and led to an emergency cesarian, ankyloglossia, colic, gastroesphageal reflux, eczema, Zoloft, Paxil, peanut allergy, suicidal ideation, hepatitis, and a whole lot of pie. Ingman documents the agony of elimination diets and tearful, sleepless nights with the same candor and humor she does the ecstasy of mama’s night out and her own invention, the Playgroup Drinking Game. "

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