way to go new york!

Mayor Bloomberg is starting a well-funded, city-wide campaign to INCREASE BREASTFEEDING RATES AMONG NYC MOMS. Unbelievably, his administration is actually going to kick the infant formula companies out of public hospitals, where they have had a free reign and a totally captive audience of hospitalized new mothers for decades.


mamalife said...

Yea on the breastfeeding support. Boo on the warning parents not to sleep with their babies - educate them instead about SAFE sleep, whether that be in a crib or parents bed.

CJ said...

Betcha the formula companies fight back quickly. They're not going to want to see those hospitals go Baby Friendly!

Katharine said...

I'm impressed that Bloomberg's going to have formula samples pulled out of hospitals. But why does he have to go and ruin it by saying how "bad" cosleeping is?