a few name ideas

For a boy-

Samuel (Sam)
Asa (a Jon favorite I just can't get behind)

For a girl -



Anonymous said...

yeah, go with Sam Anderson

newscoma said...

Ironically, the niece is named Asa.
The SEcond niece is Charlotte Emery and goes by Charley.
I like Asa. It was my great grandfather's name.
Just piping in.

Anonymous said...

Sam goes well with your other kid's names. Asa is nice too.

Charlotte is beautiful too.
Claire is pretty, not so sure about Clara.

mamalife said...

I like Anderson & Georgia

Georgia said...

Yea! "I" made the short list!

(Honestly, you came up with great choices...even if "I" get cut from the list.)

Lynnster said...

I know someone said the first time you mentioned it that Anderson Hickman sounds like a law firm, but I still like that name, and I think it would be cool because of your family ties to the name.

Sam does kind of fit with the rest of your children's names well.

Asa reminds me too much of the patriarch on "One Life to Live" (sorry, 'Coma)...

I love Catherine and Georgia (yay Georgia!). And if you named her Georgia you could probably count on an ongoing slew of cool kid stuff from up north in the mail... ;)

newscoma said...

Well, the only good thing about Asa is that it was easy to teach her how to spell, even if she did it backwards, it was right.
(Dang, didn't think about the One Life To Live guy, but I don't watch soaps but I see your point.)

Sarada said...

I know several Sams and one Asa. I know several Catherines, Charlottes, and Claras. For what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other poster who likes Claire better than Clara. I've always thought Claire was a pretty, simplistic name for a girl.

I like Sam for a boy. Another favorite boy name of mine is Evan.

Two of my favorite girl names are Ellen and Laurel.

Anonymous said...

My preference would be for a name unique enough so that the child wouldn't have three of them in any school class s/he is in. Sam is great and classic, so the classic-ness might outweigh it's commonness. On the other hand, Claire and Charlotte would not, especially for a girl. Names are so personal---everyone has a memory, good or bad to associate with any name. Why debate it? Why not just look at the baby and name it.

Eleadra said...

Having been given a "unique" and "unusual" (read "weird") name, I am in favor of something a person will recognize, but that is not heard everyday. I named my daughter Valerie for that very reason. When she was in school, she was the only Valerie, which she liked. She didn't have to go through a big explanation everytime she told someone her name.

That being said, I like Claire for a girl. It is not so commonplace today, kind of old fashioned, which I like. For a boy, I like Sam for the same reasons. But then, you don't even know me, so I'm sure my opinion will carry much weight!

Happy Baby!

Anonymous said...

Anderson Hickman is a very distinguished name that would carry him through life with ease.

Anonymous said...

Claire is a fat girl's name.

sista smiff said...

Clara evokes such old lady images. Maybe I just can't get Clara from Andy Griffith and her award winning pickles out of my head.

I don't get the name Asa. Even from the One Life To Live days.

My Knoxville nephew's middle name is Anderson.

Aloyicius is always a good choice. ;)