bloggin' the oscars

So I'm settled in, watching the red carpet arrivals while Jon prepares hot wings and fries for us to eat once the show starts.

I love the Oscars. I usually throw an Oscar-watchin partay, but didn't get it together this year. I also usually have Jane and her impeccable fashion sense to help me critique the dresses and speeches, but she's at her father's tonight, so I'll have to go it alone.

Favorite Oscar moment so far:

Ryan Seacrest asks Al Gore which actor should play him (Al) in "The Al Gore Story." Gore answers "William Hung."


Anonymous said...

Al Gore has the best sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

The West Bank Story just great is that.

Anonymous said...

Gwyneth's dress was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This was the 2007 Democratic National Convention Awards.