My siblings and I ordered rather expensive roses to be delivered to our mother at her office yesterday. They weren't delivered.

I have never, ever had that happen before.

Usually I order in Nashville from a local florist near Downtown, but this time I ordered online from the FTD website. Big mistake. I am now on perpetual hold with an automated phone system waiting to get a real person on the line so I can complain.

Sorry, Mama. We love you. Happy Valentine's Day anyway!


Anonymous said...

That stinks. My brother-in-law has ordered flowers from them that didn't show. He never got the money back the first time and was silly enough to try it again yesterday. You guessed it....they were a no-show.


Anonymous said...

I don't trust FTD either, as you never know what you are getting. Typically, when I order flowers for my mom (in a different city from where I live), I call a trusted florist in that city directly, and have never been disappointed. I have also recently used Hallmark Flowers online, as they ship them carefully packaged in a box with accompanying vase and instructions. I sent my mom a huge bunch of tulips for her birthday this way. The price was very reasonable, and the flowers were outstanding. This is about the only way I will order flowers online anymore.

Hope you for through to FTD and got it resolved. How disappointing!