first baby-related purchase

As I've said before, I'm not planning on buying a lot of stuff for NewBaby. I am hoping we'll luck into some good hand-me-downs(and in fact, got a nice offer from friends of some great stuff last week that we need to go pick up).

But as a dedicated cloth diaperer, that's one thing (cloth diapers)I know we won't get as gifts or hand-me-downs, so I am starting to stock up. Cloth diapers - at least the good ones that I like -- represent a bit of an investment on the front end, although you still end up spending a lot less than you would on throwaway diapers. Given the cost, I'm going to start ordering what we will need so I don't have to pay out a huge sum right around the time NewBaby arrives.

So today I ordered 24 of THESE IN THE NEWBORN SIZE, plus covers (I like the good old fashioned nylon pull on pants more than the expensive diaper covers). So now we are all set for diapers for the first 6-8 weeks ...unless the baby is born at a really huge weight, which is pretty unlikely given that my previous three children were pretty teensy. I should ask Jon's mother how much he weighed when he was born. I was also a teensy newborn...

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