Until we moved into this huge house in August, my family has always lived in rather small houses. Most of my kids' lives, they had to share a bathroom with parents and siblings. They never had a bath of their own.

Now we have a huge upstairs that's just for the kids. And it has a bathroom, just for the kids. It's nothing to write home about; it's a very small, pink bathroom from the 60s, with a bizarre, square, little bathtub. No stand up shower. If you want to shower rather than bathe, you have to use the hand shower. But it's all perfectly serviceable and the kids should be really glad they have their own bathroom.

But no. After the initial excitement of not having to share a bathroom with me (and Jon) wore off, they started complaining. The bathroom was too small. The tub was a weird shape. SiblingX spends too much time in the bathroom. Blah, blah, blah. Whine, whine, whine. Now they all beg to use MY bathroom.

And don't even get me started on the level of filth in this bathroom of theirs. I have been trying to crack the whip and get them to do a better job with their own laundry and bathroom cleaning, but I think I need to crack the whip harder, because tonight, I went up to give the bath a good grown up cleaning and.....EEEWWWWW!!! I am not even sure HOW they get a bathroom that nasty. Truly disgusting. And honestly, while people complain about boys leaving a nastier bathroom, I don't really think this is the case here.

But now it's clean. And it's staying that way, dammit.


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Anonymous said...

"Cracking the whip" and then going behind them to clean it up isn't a consistent policy. That just teaches them that if it gets nasty enough, Mom will do it.
I used that same technique on my mom LOADS of times. She always fell for it...