helen hill

I've been following the story of the murder of HELEN HILL in New Orleans last month. It's such a terrifying and tragic STORY.

I always hate ot when I learn of someone I would have loved to meet in real life only when something terrible happens to them.


Anonymous said...

What a shame.New Orleans used to be an uber cool place to live(but never a very safe place)It is so sad to see what has happened to the Crescent City.

Anonymous said...

She was a friend of mine and ran in the same circles when I lived there prior to Katrina.
I cannot begin to tell you what her loss means to the friends I still have there.
Uber cool has its price. Complicated issues there which is why it is hard to understand unless you put it in a context of a third world nation. It is not really part of the United States.. in a lot of the good ways.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the perception that it happened and its over is not true. Katrina is still happening and is mentioned each and every day there.