sayonara eddie's auto

Eddie's Auto is finally CLOSING HIS DOORS. You may never have bought an alternator or tire rim from Mr. Harvey, but I'll betcha you've listened to him opine that it's nuthin' for him "TO WHUP A MAN'S ASS" on the infamous "Redneck Tapes."


Anonymous said...

You might want to make it clear--because it's not entirely clear in your post--that John Bean was the mastermind behind the redneck tapes (not Eddie, who was just someone John Bean called). Just for clarity. That Betty Bean can flat out write, though, can't she?

Anonymous said...

Yup,that John Bean sure was a good old boy.He sure did make us laugh up at Maw Bean's.Poor John-everyone misses him.Heck,that Bean family sure has some talent and that's a fact.That Betty is one tough lady that can tell it like she feels it.She sure can write just about as good as anyone can.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who needs a good,hard laugh should try to get their hands on those redneck tapes.They are so worth the effort!