I like clothes. I like wearing good clothes. I like new clothes and shoes, and over the years, I have discovered that a regular investment in new clothes and shoes makes me a happier girl. Money well spent.

But right now, I am wearing the same five things over and over and it's really starting to get to me.

You see, none of my skirts that button or zip fit any longer. That leaves me with the three or four elastic-y waist skirts I own, three of which happen to be black peasant skirts that look pretty much alike.

And I have completely outgrown my regular jeans. I bought a pair of maternity jeans and they are, as it turns out, poorly designed (damn you Old Navy!!!) and will not stay up very well, plus I am getting sick of them. I am pretty sure they make me look like a fat, middle aged loser who has given up on herself.

None of my shirts that button fit any more. This leaves me with t-shirts or turtlenecks and pullover sweaters.

I do have some cute dresses I like that fit now and will probably still fit as I get bigger, but here's the catch: it's 25 degrees outside and has been for weeks. The dresses cannot be worn unless I am willing to shiver. They do not keep me warm.

And it will remain quite cold here for at least 6 more weeks. So while it's tempting to go buy some new clothes that will fit, I don't want to buy more winter clothes, because winter is almost over. And I don't want to take the plunge and buy cute spring/summer clothes that will fit my burgeoning belly and other parts because it's still waaaay too cold to wear them, and they would just hang in my closet, taunting me.

I did break down today and buy another pair of maternity jeans that I hope will be more comfortable and look less icky, but I'll probably be sick of them in a week, too.

At least I am easy to recognize these days. I am the pudgy, short person who looks a little pregnant, but mostly just fat. You know, the one in that same black turtleneck and stretchy skirt you saw her in day before yesterday?

I think I'll go dye my hair bright red. At least I can still do that...


erika said...

girl friend...
two words:
good will!

muffy said...

how about trying some leggings under your dresses/skirts for some added warmth? or even thicker tights? i'll bet they would adorable on you! oh, and for some reason, i never think of you as short, miss katie. how tall are you, anyway?

5 foot 1 and a half inches here. so pathetic. and i think i may be getting shorter, even!

muffy the hobbit

dewi said...

Find some type of clothing exchange or consignment shop in your area or an on line. ]
I would post on, Craig list or is a good bet. If the person are out of town, offer to pay shipping.

I think Craig's list is a good place to look for gently worn maternity clothes. Last year I gave away two huge bags of unwanted beautiful clothes to any one who asked first and wanted to come by and pick up the bags.

Katie S. said...

I am prego again and I just went through my clothes. The pants that still look nice are from Gap Maternity. Gap makes the best maternity jeans. You will probaly wear these again after the baby comes, they make cute flare boot cut ones. And you don;t feel frumpy.Down the road you may want to try Motherhood for some hip and inexpensive tops. Maybe you need to go buy a nice expensive pair of shoes to make your clothes that you do have feel and look better! Totally now how you feel.
p.s. Gap makes a cropped yogi capri that I still wear they are too big but super comfy.

Emily Smith said...

I had the Old Navy Maternity jeans, too, and you're right -- they really didn't stay up very well at first. (I bought them just as I was outgrowing all of my regular pants.) But then they fit perfectly for months 6-8 and didn't start falling down again until I was in the final month. So yours may start to fit you better as you get bigger; I think they're made to hug a medium-size pregnant belly.

Now would probably be a good time to shop for sale-priced winter items at places like Motherhood Maternity -- they're probably starting to mark down sweaters, coats, etc. to make room for spring stuff.

Anonymous said...

check out the clearance racks at Target-both maternity & plus sized clothes!

Anonymous said...

I'd wait until you are out of the first trimester at least before hair coloring.

Anonymous said...

JCPenny has an awesome sale going on-75% rack was a goldmie .Try mens dept for sweaters etc.I got several 100% cotton sweaters for $5 each.Do you have JCPenney in KTown? If not,try the website.Happy shopping!

karrie said...

Can you pull off overalls?

I bought a pair of regular, non-maternity, cargo-style ones from the Gap and wore them to death while pregnant. Normally,not a flattering look for a 6ft amazon, but I had a rough time finding regular pants that fit properly. And sweats or leggings get old very, very fast. I was so happy to be wearing jeans, that I didn't care so much about looking like a lumberjack.

Janice said...

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