ban the bags!!!

An article in the WSJ TODAY reports that slowly, bute surely, hospitals across the country are beginning to BAN THE "GIFT BAGS" routinely given out to new moms by infant formula companies (pharmaceutical companies).

This is excellent news and testament to the quiet activism of many dedicated public health advocates in the past decade. Not so long ago, this sort of ban was considered impossible to pull off in the formula-loving U.S. hospital system.

Kudos to all involved!!


Katie S. said...

And the bottles that can hold formula has toxins! We really have to protect ourselves since the government doesn;t.

Anonymous said...

that is great! Now if we could stop routine infant circ from being normal in hospitals, it would be even better for mothers & babies.

Anonymous said...

In NYC Circ is not covered by most HMO's anymore so you pay out of pocket.