I am now past the nausea and into the hunger. I can't seem to get enough to eat. I just ate three pieces of pizza and now I'm really craving crepes...or strawberry rhubarb pie a la mode.

Considering how much a fetus grows in the second trimester (going from barely there at the beginning to actual, real baby by the end), it's not surprising I am hungry. Or maybe it's simply not surprising that I amn rationalizing how much I am eating ;-)


mamalife said...

I remember once during my pregnancy going out to dinner and inhaling every morsel on my plate, yet still being as hungry as if I'd not had a bite!

clara said...

Being hungry and nursing can feel OK, almost virtuous, but being hungry & pregnant makes me feel mad! That's probably why I gained 65 lbs last time! Don't worry, you know this--but it does come off.

dewi said...

Most American women do not eat enough protein during pregnancy (that can lead to all types of cravings and problems such as premature labor and toxemia). Are you familiar with the book "Dr Tom Brewer's pregnancy diet"?

Enjoy eating!