feelin' the baby move?

With Baby#1, I felt it at about 18 weeks and he was a VERY active baby. Baby#2, I started feeling at around 16 weeks and she was middling-active. Baby #3 I really didn't feel 'til around 20 weeks and he wqas a very sluggish baby, which worried me a lot. He moved around far less than his brother and sister had, which is odd, because he's a very active person in general.

I should be feeling NewBaby wiggling around within the next one to four weeks, so I am psyched. That always makes being pregnant seem more real. This morning when they tried to get NewBaby's heartbeat with the doppler thingy at my doctor's office, he/she was moving around so much, they had a bit of trouble. Finally got it, though, and all is well.

When did you first feel your baby move?


Leslie said...

First baby, around 16 weeks. Second, very early, around 12. Third, 20 weeks. I was very worried, but all was well. Four and five, no clue. I just know it was never late enough that I worried about it. Normally, you're supposed to feel it earlier and earlier as you become more attuned to the sensation--my increasing layer of "baby fat" probably is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

I feel the baby move about 2 hours after I eat a big bowl of chili.

lcreekmo said...

I felt my baby at 17 weeks. It was the coolest feeling ever!!

Anonymous said...

I felt 1st baby at 20 weeks, 2nd baby at 16, 3rd baby at 18/19. I always thought the more babies the earlier you feel them so I was getting worried. But, yeah, that's probably either because of layers of baby fat or because I was always too focused on the other 2 being active outside the womb!

Marta from Lisbon