how DOES she do it?

I've been working a lot of hours at my job lately. There has been a lot of news in the news, so I've been putting in extra work hours at home and on weekends, etc.

And today we started some extra afternoon driving to get Jane to another day of riding per week to get her very green pony ready for his show ring debut coming up in only 6 weeks.

Plus, this freezing weather is my nemesis. I think I have the merest hint of seasonal affective disorder (translation: I hate winter and cannot wait for spring).

Last, I am nearing the end of my first trimester of pregnancy, but factoring in the miscarriage I had, I have now pretty much been in the first trimester of pregnancy non-stop for the past 5 months or so.

Whine, whine, whine.

Did I mention I woke up with a headcahe and still haven't kicked it today?

Anyway, tonight I told Jon that after I got home from work and kid-related travel (at about 6pm), I was climbing in bed and not getting out. He, being the supremely wonderful person he is, told me that was a fine idea and immediately took over making supper, helping with homework, etc.

I was feeling a bit like a layabout, kicking back here in my comfy bed (with an adorable sleeping Elliot crashed beside me), surfing the Web, when I ran across THIS BIT OF BREAKING NEWS: Michelle Duggar is pregnant....with her 17th child!

That's right, this woman has been pregnant for 12 or 13 years of her life. And I'm feeling tired and whiny with only ONE job, THREE children and a few months of pregnancy under my belt? What in the hell is wrong with me? I am such a slacker.

From now on, when faced with exhaustion, cranky children or my everpresent mountain of unfolded laundry, I am going to ask myself this simple, yet profound question: WHAT WOULD MICHELLE DUGGAR DO?


Cathy said...

She has all the children at home doing household work and assisting with parenting all day and night. She has community volunteers at her house volunteering every day.

erika said...

yup that just what i was gunna say...
her very own little cult

lucky girl.

newscoma said...

17 children.

Leslie said...

If you read some of the comments at the other links, many people are incensed at the responsibility her older kids have. I don't get the outrage over that. My "big kids" are expected to do a lot around the house. That's just part of being a family. They take turns bathing and reading bedtime stories to the little ones. They do dishes and help set the table and clean house. How else are they supposed to learn how to do those things and would their time really be better spent if they were watching t.v. and playing computer games all afternoon?

Laura Linger said...

Your new template looks super.

Anonymous said...

In response to Leslie:

I was the older child who was expected to help raise my younger siblings. I still resent it. Household work is part of being a family. Child rearing is a parental responsibility. Changing an occasional diaper is one thing having regular and required caretaking responsibilities is quite another. The way I see it (and saw it as a teeneager) is that I live in the house, make messes, dirty laundry, enjoy the yard, eat food, etc. so my responsibility in those areas is obvious, but I didn't produce my sibilings. If you are not prepared to do the work, don't have the kids. Sorry, this is really a sore point for me.

Anonymous said...

I totally get being open to life and however many kids God wants you to have, but I think being more AP would help her space the kids out a little more. I can`t believe they are all healthy & she rarely miscarries. She even has had some sections in the mix and she just keeps on keeping on.