bill gates & me

Bill Gates apparently only lets his 10 year old daughter use the computer FOR 45 MINUTES EACH DAY.

I allow my 11 year old daughter one hour per day on weekdays and two hours each weekend day.

My 9 year old hasn't gotten that interested yet, so it hasn't been a big deal. Sometimes he will play a game on my laptop for a little while.

My 15 year old is currently on total computer restriction 'til we see some academic improvement.

None of my kids have ever been huge video game buffs, so I have never really had to limit that too much. Occasionally the boys will go through periods where they play X-Box or whatever it is they have for a few hours each week, or Elliot will play a new game for his Gameboy an hour here or there, but it's never been too big an issue.

How much time do you allow your children online?


Anonymous said...

We allow very little computer time. Lots of my mom friends tell me they are dealing with xbox/game boy addiction. We don't have either of those, and probably never will. I just can't see allowing that to even get started in our house.

My 8-1/2 year old gets to go to either or a math games website for maybe an hour each week. My four year old doesn't use the computer at all, but he likes to watch his older brother when he's using it.

I feel pretty strongly about this - my kids (note I am not talking about anyon else's kids) have much better ways to spend their time. I also know that increased computer time would lead to increased grumbling/begging for more time/meltdowns, just based on their personalities.


Leslie said...

Our 12, 13, and 16 year olds are allowed one hour per day (when they haven't been punished by having it taken away from them!). They can earn extra time by doing extra chores, but typically only Emily takes me up on this.

The little ones enjoy an occasional game with the help of one of the big kids, but that's by no means daily.

We don't own any sort of video game, and that is a conscious decision. We also have only one t.v. and no cable, which basically means the t.v. is only capable of showing DVDs or videos. Oh, yes, we are mean around here!

Laura said...

the kids only have access to the family computer in our office/sitting room in plain sight of the parents. Since there are a few kids and only so many hours in the day after one considers school, homework, extra curricular activities, bedtimes the kids are given one hour each of computer time. it is strictly enforced because it doesn't take much for me to be reduced to a blubbering idiot or screaming banshee. the oldest child has her own computer and now lives on her own so those doing the math it is 4 hours of kid computer time on the circus computer here under the big top.
like you grades and behavior do determine if they can have computer access as well because it is a privilege not a right in my kingdom.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any kids, but if I did, I probably wouldn't let them alone with a computer until they were at least 13--and even then have some sort of parental control software installed.

However, all outcries for Internet safety come at an ever increasing price...How far before we're all under a one-rule government?

Paula said...

Now my boys get their computer time on Weekends (like a couple of hours per day total)and I'm feeling like it isn't working. I'm afrain that "Runescape" trumps all other forms of entertainment. I find that a huge turn off.

I just took away today's computer priveledges and found my son completely torn apart. The reaction scares me. I'm going to have to figure out some new rules

Anonymous said...

My husband is totally addicted to his Blackjack(the little email/telephone device he keeps in his pocket-not the card game)and my teen is only allowed one hour when home from school and a half hour of computer time before bed on school nights.It is sometimes difficult to deal with the "O.K. I just want to put up my away message" excuse,but I am getting tougher!I just don't like being the referee or the computer-police!