infant formula companies teach breastfeeding

Now that I am pregnant, I am getting all the junk advertorial magazines sent out by the infant formula companies. Just this week, I got a glossy magazine from Enfamil (Mead Johnson). In it are articles on pregnancy and what to expect from childbirth and of course, one on breastfeeding.

Here are some of the statements within this article in which Enfamil purports to both encourage and "teach" breastfeeding to pregnant women:

*"The pain of nursing is something every new mother must overcome."

*"When you are nursing, it's hard to know exactly how much your baby is taking in- after all, unlike formula, breastmilk isn't easily measured in ounces."

There are quotes from nursing mothers scattered throughout the article, too. Each of the quotes starts with a diatribe about how horrible nursing was, but ends with her saying that despite the horror, she went on to nurse for a few months because she knew it was best. Breastfeeding by matyrdom.


*"THose first days were really hairy; I couldn't get comfortable, I felt really anxious and the pain was unbearable."

*"For those first few weeks, I thought I'd be chained to the sofa breastfeeding for the rest of my life."

The magazine also contains a short article on how important it is to have father give bottles to babies - even breastfed babies. A quote:

"Even if you breastfeed, it's fine to let Dad give the baby a bottle of expressed breastmilk. That way, your child won't be thrown off if you eventually switch to full time bottlefeeding, and Dad won't be deprived of the benefits of this special bonding experience."

They are really slick.


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hey, love your blog. Question though: When I click a link in your text, my url still says "". So if I want to link an article you've linked on my own blog (such as the phillipines article) there is no url to copy/paste.

I don't have mad pc skilz, I am sure there must be workaround. Care to share?

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The only workaround I've found so far is to hover your cursor over the link so you can see the URL at the bottom of your screen. Then start to type the URL into your browser. Your browser will "remember" that it's been on that page before and reproduce the URL directly beneath what you are typing. Click on the reproduced URL and, voila!, there you go.

It is a time-consuming procedure though, compared to other blogs. Katie, do you think you could change this? Even having the article pop up in a window without leaving your site would be a help. Thanks!

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Beth and Mia Storm, you could try right clicking on the web page, then selecting "This Frame" from the menu that appears, then select "Open New Window". The real URL should show in the new window.

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Thanks, Amanda.

I've just found another workaround as well. If you right-click on the link, then click "Open in New Window," you go straight to the page. (For some reason, I don't have to go through the "This Frame" step.)