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This guy is a brand new father and he's VERY ENTERTAINING. Be sure to read back through the pregnancy archives.

A sample:

pregnancy among the oversexed and fearful

Two days to d.w.'s due date, and no baby yet. I thought last weekend's full moon might do it, but no dice. Today it's off to the midwife, followed by Indian food, as hot as d.w. can stand...we'll see what happens.


It's a funny thing being around a pregnant woman in a college town. Wherever d.w. goes, students openly stare, horrified, their remaining years of binge drinking and casual sex flashing before their eyes. At first it was amusing, the two of us a walking pro-abstinence education exhibit. I could almost hear the tragically repressed narrator: "See, all ye harlots and sinners? This will happen to you if you engage in the evils of fornication! Repent!"

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Anonymous said...

Funny. I live in a college town and I used to get my hair cut on campus. When I'd go for a haircut when very pregnant, the looks on the college girls' faces would just crack me up. I was 28 years old and it had taken a couple of years to get a pregnancy that stuck around, so I was thrilled to be pregnant, but the girls were just horrified.