this is the year that was

This is the time of year that encourages me to take a look back at the previous 12 months and see how things have gone. I have to say that 2006 was by far the best year I have had in many years. I met Jon, we fell in love, we married, we created a new family together, we bought our amazing house which I love, I sold my previous house which I also loved.

There were also many changes and joys and some sadness in our family. My nephew Nicholas was born, and my grandfather died. Bill came home from the war. H. started high school and J. started middle school.

The years between 2002 and 2004 were ones of HUGE upheaval and change for me.





If you had asked me at Christmas time of 2001, I NEVER would have predicted what was to come in the next years: My little cousin WARD died, which was certainly the most terrible tragedy I have ever or probably will ever experience. I separated from my husband of 13 years. The children and I moved four times after leaving the house we had lived in their whole lives and which we lived. I went through a horrible divorce. I learned to painfully accept the fact that my children now spend a large part of their time away from me, with their father, since we no longer live together. I started working full time outside the home. I fell in love for the first time after my divorce, and had my heart broken.

And now here I am on the other side. The dust has settled and my new life has finally taken shape. I still carry all the scars from the painful experiences of the past few years, and I will always grieve the losses, but I have a new life that is wonderful and happy and blessed. We are all healthy and together, and we have Jon.

Stay tuned for 2007. I can reliably predict happy news soon. And I know there will be unexpected sadness too, because life's like that.


dancediva said...

So how do you think you did, overall, with the resolutions? There were some good ones by the way, and one in particular that I've noticed you kept beautifully. ;)

Debra said...

You give me hope...

sista smiff said...

You never know what's around the corner, do you?