Earlier today I had my blood drawn at my doc's office. They've been taking my HCG every few days to make sure it's rising as it should. Today it was up a lot - very good news. As I was getting off the phone with the nurse when she gave me the results, the nurse said something about high numbers maybe meaning twins.


After lunch I decided to call the office again to get some further info on this offhand comment by the nurse. I talked to one of the nurse-practitioners, who explained that my age (39), combined with the high HCG # suggests a possibility of twins. I won't know more 'til I have an ultrasound on the 11th.

Apparently, high HCG is more common with twins, though not strictly predictive.


Mr. Booni said...

That would be crazy!

shauna said...

Wow! Any history of twins in you or your husband's families?

Beci said...

Oh lordy, you guys ready?

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!!
becky (willie's mom)