i dig dinos

Right now, Elliot is sitting in the middle of the dining room floor banging away on a large block of sand with a small metal hammer and pick. The block of sand is slowly collapsing and sand is flying everywhere. Apparently, he will eventualy unearth a dinosaur of some sort entombed in the sand. At least, that's what the box says:

Thanks Uncle Robert and Aunt Nicole. YOu officially win the contest for having given the messiest, loudest toy of this Christmas season. Don't worry though, next year I am pretty sure Jones will need a new POWER DRILL or perhaps a giant ANT FARM.


Anonymous said...

Randall's mom gave that to Willie!

Suzette said...

OMG! That reminds me of my husband's family! They SO gave each other's kids the loudest, most obnoxious, most gross toys imaginable! did anyone else's kid ever get the booger factory?

Georgia said...

Hee! Ok, so it was ok that I had sold out of those before I put your box together?
Just so you know- I can get you entire fossilized remains that have to be hacked out out large blocks of plater of paris meets sand combo...and then, have to be assembled.
When you're ready to send the "gift that keeps on giving" I suggest a musical combination of a drum set and kazoo, with the addition of a dinosaur excavation kit with the added plus of a craft set that you not only make your own paper but you also use real India ink and glitter to decorate your handmade project while listening to to the drums and kazoo for inspiration.

I've got practice at this- I've been an Aunt for 23 years...