getting sick

I feel like I have been sick off and on for the last 6 weeks and I am getting, well, sick of it.

You know that feeling when there's no definite symptom but you can just feel an illness coming on? That's how I feel today. I suspect the flu is headed my way or maybe just a bad cold. Damn.

I am taking a multivitamin but am adding a mega dose of vitamin C (and also the cranberry extract, thanks to suggestions by you, wise blogreaders;-)

I think the bacterial infection I had last month really knocked my immune system for a loop. Before that, I hadn't been really sick since last winter when Jane and I both got the stomach flu at the same time. I never used to get the flu, and then about six years ago, I started getting one bad bout every winter. In 2001, I got it TWICE in one season.

I am hoping that the flu is not what I feel creeping into my system today.


Anonymous said...

Any time you take antibiotics, you need to take a probiotic. It recolonizes the good bacteria that gets killed. Kefir (a drink) or a probiotic supplement are both good and will keep you from feeling any of th eside effects of taking antibiotics.

Stefaneener said...

Gan Mao Ling -- Chinese herbal medicine to ward off colds. Doesn't do much for flu.

Anonymous said...

Airborne & Zicam are the sh*t.