thor's cat

Some of you may remember hearing about my friend Dr. Neighbor's dog Thor, whom I love, but the dog has separation anxiety and thus, went berserk and DESTROYED MY DOOR while I was dogsitting last summer (Dr. Neighbor made my door look like new again afterwards).

Well, Thor is a huge, brindle dog. Theories abound as to his provenance, but my fairly educated guess is half Great Dane (because he's very tall and leggy) and half Pit Bull Terrier (because he has the head, face and eyes of a Pit Bull). Thor is the kind of dog who strikes fear into people when they look at him. He's seriously ferocious looking.

Well, Dr. Neighbor recently got scary, slightly neurotic Thor a kitten named "Modhi" (sp?). Thor immediately fell in love with this little kitten and now the pair are best friends. You have to see these THESE ADORABLE AND AMAZING PIX OF THOR AND "HIS" KITTEN. Thor likes to sleep with Modhi under one arm. Too cute. Modhi doesn't seem to mind, either.


Debra said...

That is precious! Thank you for sharing.

dewi said...

Thanks for the happy pics!
Who would have thought that a big brute of a dog would behave so tenderly towards a cat?

Katharine said...

Katie, you must, must, must submit image 2075 to Cute Overload! The submission address is

Anonymous said...

ok, those are adorable-i love them!
makes me smile. -pattyc

Jenny said...

I hear that cat purring from here.

lcreekmo said...

I have no idea what possessed Dr. Neighbor to get that dog a cat...but clearly it was a genius idea. I can't wait to show my 7yo daughter [a lover of both dogs and cats].