what are the hottest baby names of the moment?

Laura, the wizard statistician/pop culture anthropologist at the Baby Name Wizard has a discussion on her blog right now about HOTTEST BABY NAMES OF THE MOMENT.

Looks to me like they are:

Any boy name ending in "aden" (Caden, Brayden, Aiden, Jaden, etc)


Leslie said...

I don't like this trend of -son names for little girls. It doesn't make good sense. Other less usal ones I have heard are Emerson and Grayson. Doesn't anyone remember when the mermaid in Splash said her name was Madison and everyone thought it was bizarre?!

My 4-year-old niece is Ella, and my mother didn't like it because she said it sounded like an old lady name (we have an Aunt Ella who was in her 80s then). Funny how names can recycle that way.

Kelly O said...

Oh god, this makes me cringe. Well, as the mother of a Liam who is named after a William, I think I have insight into that trend. It's a popular variation of an even more popular name. I would have loved to have named our son Guillermo, but my husband thought (quite reasonably, seeing as how neither of us is of Spanish descent) that it would have been a fake.

katie allison granju said...

Well, my 15 year old son Henry's name is also mentioned (although it's been "hot" for years now). I named Henry after his grandfather, great grandfather and great-great grandfather, so I had my reasons, beyond trendiness ;-)

And my youngest is named "Elliot," which seems to be jumping up the hot baby name lists as well...


katie allison granju said...

PS; I like Guillermo! Tres bold!!!