My children are with their father from December 18 until 3pm on Christmas Day and I have to say, I miss them so much, it's physically painful.

It's unnatural to be separated from your children the week before Christmas and Christmas Eve and Christmas morning (their father and I trade years, so next year, I will have them before Christmas and he will have them the week after.)

I say this every year at this time: divorce sucks in a whole lot of ways that really can't be ameliorated no matter how many positives come out of the split. I am sure their father feels the same way on the years the kids are with me during the run-up to Christmas.


Katharine said...

I sympathize, Katie. I went through the same thing for years with my oldest child, whose father is my ex-husband. It never got easier. But thank goodness, those days are over now because she's an adult.

Now my complaint is that her and her husband's lives are so busy that we don't see them enough. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with Katharine. It is not too early to start some traditions that you, yourself, enjoy.

It won't be long before they are grown, and, may, like mine, prefer to spend Christmas in New York or Miami, etc.

Start doing things just for you. Kids grow up and often leave for far places. It is good to have a life outside of being a parent.

Sista Smiff said...

I'm sorry your kids aren't with you. I hope you and Jonathan will have a fantastic, first Christmas together and look forward to their return home.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, you make it sound like your kids' visits to their father is a trip to purgatory for yourself.