Sometimes it's really hard TO KNOW WHAT TO DO


DnB said...

That made me very sad for Jah.
He's a good person.

Laura said...

this happened to me a couple months was hard and honestly i wished i had the $ at that moment because someone did exactly that for me a few years ago. i'll never forget that kindness.

Naomi said...

The medical clinic I use is in a neighborhood with a lot of poor immigrants. It has an urgent care. I sat in the urgent care one night, waiting to be seen, and watching the receptionist (who surely has the worst job in the world) turn people away. If you're uninsured, and want to be seen in the urgent care, you can pay $50 up front and they'll see you, and bill you for the rest later. (Presumably, many of these bills go permanently unpaid.) If you have no money, you can go to the ER in the building next door, and they HAVE to see you, though they can make you wait a loooooooooong time for a problem that is not a true emergency.

One woman had an ear infection; she'd brought a friend with her to translate and was in so much pain she was almost crying.

I had no cash in my wallet, only a credit card. I considered paying for her to be seen, but I was afraid that if they were unable to collect the rest of the bill from her, they would come after me for it. So I didn't, and she left, hopefully to go to the ER.