WHen I was pregnant with Elliot, nine years ago, I was incredibly sick to my stomach for the first half of the pregnancy. At various points, I could barely get up off the couch. It was awful. NOTHING helped.

I am really nervous that this will happen to me again. I've been feeling slug-like, lazy, sleepy, woozy and nauseated all day and I am paranoid that it's the dreaded nausea. It would be really inconvenient if that happened this time because now, I have a job that requires me to get off the couch 40-50 hours a week (I was freelancing full time when I was pregnant with E, so I could do 99% of my work from home). On the other hand, I no longer have very young children like I did when I was pregnant with E., so in that way, it would be easier. It's really hard to chase a toddler when you are that sick.

I never had morning sickness with Jane and Henry, so let's hope I am spared this time.

And the pregnancy symptom I've had in all 3 previous pregnancies - and which my OB told me he had never seen such a severe case except in textbooks - was ptyalism.

Google it.

Suffice it to say that it isn't pleasant ;-)


Naomi said...

I have read that treatment of hyperemesis is more effective when started early (before it gets really severe). I would encourage you to talk to your midwife/doctor soon; there are several anti-nausea medications that are considered very safe during pregnancy.

(I didn't have hyperemesis: my exciting rare pregnancy complication was PUPPP. I'd take drooling over full-body hives, but I'd take just about anything over hyperemesis.)

Anonymous said...

watermelon was the only thing that worked for me...

Suzette said...

I had full body hives with my first pregnancy. The Dr. couldn't get them to go away. he finally decided it was something with my was painful!

karrie said...

Eeek. I thought rhinitis of pregnancy was fun.

I was miserably sick my entire pregnancy. It is one of the many reasons I do not want more children, but seriously if I could do it over again I would have begged my midwife for anti-nausea meds.

I had some, very minor relief from Seabands, but I had to apply additional pressure and would eventually puke anyway.

Leslie said...

Oh,that is too funny. I never knew there was an actual name for it, but I always get it too.

It's crazy the stragne symptoms that can go along with pregnancy. I remember telling my doctor all these strange things that were happening to me and he would just keep saying, "Oh, that's a common pregnancy symptom." Hey, that would make a good article, wouldn't it? "Drooling and Other Unexpected Hazards of Pregnancy."

Laura said...

my mouth is watering already and i am definitely not pregnant.
seriously hyperemesis sucks, had it twice through the pregnanancies. and my family wonders why i am such a terrible mother when they are puking.
but hyperemesis with PUPPP, well that takes the cake and yes, i did have that. fun times in the ICU that was for me.
i am hoping for a happy, healthy, relatively uneventful pregnancy for you.