parenting, together

Before Jon and I got married, I will admit that I was a little nervous about how the whole parenting together thing would go. I didn't have much experience with it and I'd gotten sort of set in my ways about how I do things with the kids as a single mother.

I knew Jon and I had sympatico parenting philosphies (or we wouldn't have gotten married), and I knew the children liked him and he liked them, but I just wasn't sure how it would all work in practice. I worried that the kids would feel like he was intruding, or that he would feel like the four of us were just too much to deal with at one time on a daily basis. And I worried I would feel caught in the middle.

Happily, my fears were unfounded. THis parenting as a team thing is really great. Jon has my back. It's soooo much easier with someone to help. I have a very demanding job and on days when I run late or something, Jon happily takes up the slack. We can tag team at home. Tonight while I helped Elliot with one thing, Jane sought out Jon to hear her practice her school presentation (side note: she interviewed kids with divorced parents about how to handle having a family different from their friends. She asked Elliot what his words of wisdom on the subject were and his replied "Take it like a man." ;-) ).

And seeing the kids and Jon grow closer and begin to develop their own unique relationships with him is really fun to observe.

I am lucky.