Jon's wonderful family is quite different fromthe one I grew up in. Jon describes ONE DIFFERENCE on his blog today.

Apparently his family doesn't approve of children having sleepovers with friends very much, while growing up at my house, we pretty much always had extra kids staying over and/or one of us was gone sleeping at a friend's house.

We have the same situation at my house now that I am a parent of school-age/teenage kids. We generally have at least one extra kid staying at our house on weekend nights, and at least one of my kids spends at least one weekend night sleeping over at a friend's house. I think this is good for children. And I like having their friends over.


Anonymous said...

My husbands family was the same and I when I realized it I thought that it was odd that he hadn't been allowed to spend the night at a friends.It took some time for him to adjust to allowing my daughter to sleep out.I also love to have the teens at my house.Not only does it allow me to really get to know her friends,but I know that my child is in a good safe place for that particular night.(It gets harder to know their friends when they are in high school since there are kids from different towns in her classes.)However,I would never allow my child to spend the night at someones house if I didn't know the the parents or at the very least have a conversation with them.My daughter has some friends whose parents don't even speak to me before they spend the night!(those are the 14 and 15yr old friends that have now figured out that they can lie to their parents about where they are actually sleeping and spend the night at the local "party" house.)It pays to get to know the parents because if your kids know that you have a relationship with their friends parents they are less likely to try to get over like that ,but it puts you in a difficult position when you know the parents and you know what their kids are up to.Do you tell the parents that they didn't sleep at "Mary's" house (and subject your kid to ridicule for ratting them out)or do you play dumb and stay out of it?

Anonymous said...

Sleepovers also funcioned as a way for us to learn about other kids' religious practices, too, as well as just different family ways at home. If we spent the night on Saturday we sometimes went to church with the kids we stayed with. That way I learned about Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Lutheran and Pentecostal church services as well as the Methodist ones we attended.