separate bedrooms

Apparently, separate bedrooms for married couples are BECOMING MORE POPULAR. But couples who have separate bedrooms tend to keep it a big secret because they feel like others will assume they have a weird or troubled marriage.

I think it's too bad that people are judgmental about how people choose to sleep at night. If some couples sleep better in separate beds, so what? It's the same as with people sleeping with their babies; whatever gets you and the rest of the family the most, best sleep is the way to go.


firstimpressionist said...

My husband and I generally sleep in the same bed only 50% of the time. And it's the usual reasons; snoring, late hours, allergies, pets etc...We do great with this set up and find plenty of time to be in bed together when we're not sleeping.
I'd love having two master suites. And yeah, we do find it awkward to mention to people, because they generally come up with the usual conclusions.

Anonymous said...

I've known couples who sleep in separate rooms and have as happy marriages as those who share rooms/beds (and they tell me, their sex lives are as good, too). Myself, I absolutely hate sharing a bed. I haven't slept well since my boyfriend and I moved in together. Believe me, our sex life would improve greatly if we had separate rooms and I had more sleep.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe if you both didn't sleep on a twin mattress you'd get more sleep?

ErinOrtlund said...

Yeah, we have trouble sleeping in the same bed, even though we have a great marriage! I wonder why people sometimes assume it's a sign things aren't going well--many years ago, only couples who couldn't afford more than one bed slept together.

britney said...

I even take it one step further - I think completely separate houses can make a marriage work better. Ideally having houses side by side or in the same block would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Even though we were a happy couple, sleeping separately (she insisted because of my snoring) made me feel like we were living as brother and sister, not husband and wife. But I grew to find an appreciation for the arrangement.
Now days, we both like sleeping toghether on the weekends, but apart during the week.

Laura Linger said...

He's a kicker.

I snore.

He sleeps in one room.

I sleep in the other.

We have an incredibly happy marriage, have been married for over a decade, have been together for fifteen years.

I used to get my childfree panties in a bunch about co-sleeping. Maybe I am mellowing in my old age, but really, who am I to judge? If it works for those families who do it, what say do I have in the matter?

Life's too short to worry about such trivialities.

Anonymous said...

Contrast this to your previous posts about a family bed. HA. And, how families should all sleep in the same bed-all four or five of them. SHEESSH.

rested said...

She gained lots of weight and started snoring. Continuously. Loudly. Laboriously. I lost sleep and resented her. Three months ago I moved to the den futon and I've never slept better. I wake up with a spring in my step. Also, I've been able to go back to sleeping with music on, which I was forced to give up ten years ago when we married.

Since we basically stopped having sex two years ago, I might as well have a restfull sleep.