maternal thrombophilia and persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn

The more I learn about this genetic thrombophilia problem that I have, the more it occurred to me that logically, it could very well have something to do with why Elliot was born with a completely unexplained (they told me it was "just one of those things") pulmonary disorder (persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn) after a perfectly normal pregnancy. Thrombophilia is A LEADING CAUSE of pulmonary disorders in adults and children, so could maternal thrombophilia have any impact on a developing fetus?

I've started digging around to find more and so far it appears I am on to something.


I am going to have to have a very big talk with my doctors about this. I do not think that have been connecting these dots AT ALL.

Does this make sense to anyone else?


Anonymous said...

It seems to make alot of sense to me.Yes,you seem to be on to something. jcb

dewi said...

After finding this type of research, it is understandable why you're experiencing posttraumatic stress and having nightmares.

I would also flip-out that my doctors did not tell me there is a possible link to what E had or the possibility of complications.

Anonymous said...

yes and this is a very rare disorder. I know many many people who figured out their own diagnosis that had doctors stumped. Often with unusual syndromes. but you know...we have to blame someone so LETS BLAME THE DOCTORS, because of course they know everything. And if they don't know everything by gosh, lets SUE THEM. I am not talking about gross negligence or malpractice (like the dork who cut a leg off the wrong patient) but come on: even good doctors miss linking things together esp if they are dealing with a disorder that's out of the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

From what I can tell the article is saying, persistent pulmonary hypertension was found to be a predisposing clinical risk factor in some patients who had problems with blood clots. From what the article states, I think that the converse is NOT meant to be implied: that having clotting tendencies caused a predisposition to PPH. Can you get through the densely worded thicket to see what I mean . . . ? But by all means, discuss it with your doctor.