Only three more weeks 'til my fave pop band's new record is released. That'll be a big week for me, with the new FOW CD out and fnding out our baby's gender and all.

Hey! Maybe we could name the baby...WAYNE!!


jon said...

Hm. Wayne is an awfully good middle name....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post something off topic, but if anyone reading could come and defend AP from defamation on this "progressive" blog, it would be much appreciated:


Alan (SlackerInc)

Anonymous said...

The above URL got cut off. You need to add /2627 or you'll go nowhere.

Alan (SlackerInc)

Anonymous said...

I have two family members named Wayne (and a cousin named Waynette) who are pretty good people, but I don't recommend that name. You know the stigma.

But it does make for a great band.


Anonymous said...

I thought the "Fountains of Wayne Hotline" song by Robbie Fulks pulled back the curtain on how much more they rely on gimmickry than talent.