My first trimester lethargy is morphing into a second trimester sense of anxiety over the state of our house. It's messy. It's disorganized. We need to get some painting done before the baby comes. We have to get ready. That's beginning to be my mantra: we have to get ready.

I always get this way when I am pregnant. When Henry was born, my water broke in the middle of the night. I called the OB, who said to come to his office at 9am, so between middle of the night and 9am, I scrubbed the bath tub and folded abd refolded baby clothes, all the while weeping to my husband that WE HAD TO GET READY FOR THE BABY!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It might help you to feel less anxious if you hired a professional organizer to help you get everything into place and teach you a system that could work for your family.

Leslie said...

I get exactly the same way. Last time I felt like I did not go into labor until I was sure everything was ready. I was all worked up about not having a dresser to put her clothes in.

dewi said...

You don't have to be pregnant to feel overwhelmed by disorganized stuff and mess in the house.

Don't fret, go shopping! Try the Container store and buy pretty bins. I use the Stockholm Storage Boxes with a lid it hides all my junk and looks neat, clean and organized; I just bought some last weekend and all my crap and mess is good looking.

dewi said...

I wanted to add that a professional organizer would have you buy tons of these types of boxes. That is how I know about them (my friend hired a professional). Have your kids help and that will be better then a professional organizer. Buy more boxes then you think you will need.

I also bought Space Bags to make more room in my linen closet to store blankets that we do not use. The professional organizer also does that.

Vol Abroad said...

Ha - I'm further along - and my house is a tip! A nasty, messy dump.

But I figure, nah...I'll wait to clean until this nesting thing kicks in - 'cause then I won't mind doing it.

Tick, tock. I'm waiting.