color me jealous

Due to the exceptional generosity of a good friend's parents, Jane gets to spend TEN DAYS HERE this summer. Jane's friend is an only child, so she would be bored without a pal along on their family vacation, so they invited Jane to come along, with a (considering the nature of the trip) minimal investment from her father and me.

She's really excited and I'm really excited for her :-)


dewi said...

Nice trip, have fun Jane.

I am blessed with an only child and her friends have joined us for cruises to Mexico, and beaches in Bermuda and too many Broadway shows to remember and trips to Vermont.

Growing up In Manhattan, my daughter had many only children friends and she has been the recipient of many wonderful trips and outings with other families.

Jane knows how to pick her friends. Only children enjoy hanging out at busy households like yours with the commotion of sisters and brothers.

mamalife said...

I'm jealous too! I'm certain she'll have a wonderful time!