Over the weekend, Jon and I:

-Walked several miles over both weekend days (we both like taking walks)
-Replanted irises
-Mulched one large flower bed
-Dug out another flower bed
-Put up new smoke alarms and tested old ones
-Shopped for and replaced chair cushions
-Folded and put away mountain of laundry
-Took bag of handmedowns to sister
-Ate with his family
-Generally cleaned and straightened downstairs
-Went to Home Depot and had new slats cut for Elliot's saggy bed

I also got a lot of work done on the freelance piece I have due for on Thursday. I still need to give it my full attention this week. I need to hear back from a couple of interviewees.

This week is going to be crazy-busy. Soccer practice starts for Elliot. Henry has a doctor's appointment. Elliot's class has their "reader theatre" program. Jane needs to get to the barn as many days as possible because horse show season looms and she is not getting enough opportunities to ride the pony she's supposed to be getting ready.

At least we have daylight savings turned on now. This makes a big difference for our family. as we often don't get home until 7pm.

I can't wait until summer.

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