Me to family at supper: "I found out today I've gained 15 pounds so far."

Henry (snarky tongue firmly in cheek):"Wow. The baby weighs 15 pounds already?"

Me: "Uh, no, smartass child. The baby weighs, like, 9 ounces."

Henry: "So that means you're gonna gain, like, 200 pounds by the time this is all over?"


Anonymous said...

Often, Henry stories remind me of Willie.

mamalife said...

Thinking he better learn new, improved responses to such comments before he grows up and has a pregnant wife ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that your disgust at the thought of possibly being mistaken as a "fat, middle aged [and therefore it goes without saying] loser who has given up on herself" last month might have something to do with that?

karrie said...

I think he just earned an extra shift of diaper duty!

Anonymous said...

I think making him look at all the photos/charts of 'baby at x months" and learn what happens to a woman's body during pregnancy would be a really good way to keep him from getting someone pregnant...plus diaper duty.