"now, most like breastmilk!"

The British equivalent of the U.S. FDA is cracking down on claims by infant formula companies marketing the stuff as "like breastmilk."

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An excerpt:

Claims currently being made on products and marketing materials, which will have to be removed, include: "Now even closer to breast milk" and "Helps to support immunity" on packs of SMA Gold; "Closer than ever to breast milk" on Cow & Gate and Farley's products; and "Supports your baby's immune system" and "The closest to breast milk" on Aptamil First.


jenny said...

I don't see anything wrong with the claim "now closer to breast milk" if in fact the product is different than before and its difference makes it more like breast milk than before.

Nor do I see anything wrong with "helps to support immunity," if there's something in there that helps to support immunity. That's all true. I don't see anything here that even intimates "just like breast milk."

Formula companies should try to make their products more like breast milk, as science increasingly permits; and when they succeed, they should be permitted to so advertise. Those like me who would like to, but cannot, breastfeed would like to have that info.

Anonymous said...

As a formula feeding mom, however, this advertising is targeted at making YOU pay more for a formula that is no closer to breastmilk than any other formula. When a real breakthrough in formula is made, ALL formulas are required by the Codex Alimentarius to make those changes.

The rest of the differences in formulas relate to different ideas that scientists have on how to make a better formula. No one really knows, though, so everything is pretty experimental. The things that are proven about formula (how many calories for example, are required to be standard for all formula). This site has an excellent, balanced explanation:


Cracking down on false and misleading claims by formula companies by requiring them to follow the WHO code is in everyone's interest, formula-feeding moms, breastfeeding moms, and babies.

Anonymous said...

no, this is simply lactivist pressure and bullying that led to this.

Anonymous said...

Only one type of milk will ever be breastmilk, that is breastmilk. Scientists will never be able to artificially manufacture it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is dreaming. Formula will always remain an inferior substitute, the formula companies just want everyone to believe otherwise and they do a pretty good job of it. Someone needs to keep them in check.