kids in the (knoxville) 'hood

Since moving to our new house last September, my children have not had the chance to meet very many other kids/parents in our neighborhood. My kids attend private schools in West Knoxville, so they also haven't met friends through the neighborhood schools.

I would really like for my kids to have some similar-age friends within walking distance. I'd also like to get to know other parents in the neighborhoods in and near Downtown Knoxville.

For this reason, I am starting an informal group for parents and kids in Old North Knoxville, 4th and Gill, Parkridge, and the other neighborhoods in and near Downtown Knoxville. I am envisioning get-togethers every month or so, as well as networking on the best neighborhood parks, babysitters, pediatricians, activities, etc.

If you would like to join the group, you can subscribe to our e-mail list here:

No one can subscribe without my approval, and I hope this will keep the e-mail discussion list spam-free and family-focused. When you subscribe, please share your name (first name only if you are more comfortable that way) and the first names and ages of your children.

Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to forward this message to other parents whom you think might be interested in our group.



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