hollywood farm girl

I don't know too much about Melissa Etheridge except that I think she's exceptionally brave and inspiring for coming out of the closet as clearly and as early in her career as she did. Being a power pop fan myself, her music isn't really my cuppa, tho' I recognize that she's very talented at what she does.

And I knew nothing about her wife, Tammy, except that she looked really cute in the photos of their wedding that ran in People magazine.

Somehow, though, I stumbled on Tammy's blog and I love it. It's called HOLLYWOOD FARM GIRL and it's a very honest accounting of what it's like to be married to a super famous rock star (whom she calls "Honey" on the blog), and also be the stay-at-home mother of infant twins. She's funny and self-effacing and very, very cool.

I wish she lived on my street.


Anonymous said...

Rock star?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember her from a show on the WB (Popular, maybe?). I never liked her b/c I hated the character, but I've realized how silly that is since reading some great interviews with her in the past.


Laura Linger said...

Tammy Michaels comes from my hometown of Lafayette, Indiana!

She graduated from Lafayette Jefferson High School. I taught her sophomore English when I did my student teaching.

Beautiful girl. Smart as a whip, too.