next time, i will stop to help

I cannot tell you how bad I feel about this.

Last weekend, Jane and Jon and I were driving home near dusk. At the end of our street, we saw a woman staggering into traffic, obviously drunk. I suggested we call 911, but Jon pointed out that she had already made it across, so we let it go and went home.

Apparently she was HIT AND NEARLY KILLED within the next 15 minutes and is now in critical condition. They had to ID her using her fingerprints. I feel absolutely terrible.

I live in an urban neighborhood where we see drunk and homeless people all the time - every day. It's sometimes hard to know when to intervene, or how. I knew I should have called the police. Maybe I should have stopped to help her. I don't know. I just know I shouldn't have let that happen :-(


Anonymous said...

Try not to feel bad.There was not much that you could have done.It was out of your control.Besides,even if you had called the police how do you know that they would have done something?This was just an unfortunate situation that happened.It is very sad.

dewi said...

This is not your fault but next time follow your gut; do not listen to someone else's intuition. You will see that men have very different intuition then women sometimes. For some reason you felt differently about this women (then the other drunks or homeless people) so learn to follow your gut by doing what you thought you could to help. Naturally only if you are not jeopardizing your own safety.

Anonymous said...

i live in an urban neighborhood too, and i practically have 911 on speed dial.

go with your gut.


Rachel said...

I feel bad for the woman, but I'm not sure it would have made a difference if you had called. My understanding (through a tangential connection to the driver) is that the police were already aware of this woman and her behavior before the wreck occurred.