baby (girl) names, redux

So help me out here. Where do you live, in general, and what are the baby girl names you are hearing a lot in your area/ What are your friends naming their little girls?


Anonymous said...

In my Girl Scout troop of 13 girls, I have two Sarahs and two Emilys. I don't know a lot of Emmas, though. (Knoxvile)

Anonymous said...

I don't see many repeat names. A couple of years ago, three friends had girls within a year and they were named Cadence, Caisley, and Caitlyn. Another just had a girl named Lillian, called Lily (I don't like Lillian but think Lily's lovely). My 6 year old niece has two or three friends named Ashley. But my 6 year old nephew has no repeats in his class.....they're named things like Brooklyn, Aneyda, and Camaya. His little girlfriend, however is cute and simple...Allie.


Anonymous said...

Ella Kate

I live in Nashville

Anonymous said...

Olivia, Isabella and Isabella, Sophia, Ella, Ava, Emma, Charlotte, Lily, Ruby.

These are the top name trends among my circle of friends. I live in Chicago.

My toddler daughter is named Charlotte!

I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I live in San Diego. I can't even pronounce the baby names I hear in this area.

Katie S. said...

In the California area the names my friends/family have choosen:
grace (2)
katie (2)
anna (2)
piper (2)
I have choosen Lauren for my daughter who is due this summer.

Anonymous said...

I live in Knoxvegas, and my son is 18 months. I know: Ava, Anastasia, Lily Anna, Sofie, Sophie, Emma Jean, Emma-Grace, Emma Grace, Emma Kate, Bailey, Caitlyn, Caitlyn, Lauren, Lilly, Piper, Lisa, Aleah, Zoey Rain, Kate Sally, Annie, Anna, Jaden.
There are a lot of Emmas. It may have started on/around when Rachel and Ross on Friends had their little Emma. Both my mother and my husband think Emma is an "old lady name."
If we had had a girl, we were going to name her Caroline. But now I really like Lily Rae, although Lily is also a popular name these days.
I always thought the whiteboard at Lisa Ross was an interesting place to find baby names!

Laura said...

around here (northern cali) angelina is big as are the prerequisite kaitlyns (various spellings), emilys, madisons and, of course the masculinized names and geographical names. zoë is becoming trendy too but folks around here use assorted spellings and don't seem to have a clue what an umlat is. it's all good because my 15 y/o zoë is one of a kind and the imitations pale in comparison.
honestly i want to be the self appointed name police when new parents tell me what they are naming their babies, my patients. really, they need to go back and think long and hard about their choices. perhaps they need to think ahead say 11-13 years later and ask themselves is this the right name for their child when they are in 5th-8th grade.
sort of.

Georgia said...

Isabella, Ruby, Bella, Ava, Ella, Emily, Emma, Jenna,Madison (2) and Brooklyn have been the latest little girls in the shop.

muffy said...

i am in los angeles and here are the names i am hearing over and over and over again:


(and believe you me, i am FURIOUS about violet entering the mainstream public consciousness, as it has been my favorite girl's name of choice for 15 years. thanks to ben affleck and jennifer garner, and dave grohl and his wife, and baltazar getty and his, the name is now trickling down to be one hot ticket here in so cal. bastards!)



Anonymous said...

I live in Colorado and Emma is very popular here. Other popular names include Lily, Isabaella, Hannah and Grace. I named my girls Madeline and Annika(pronounced Ahh-ni-ka).

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say in my previous post that I'm in Knoxville. And I thought I'd mention that a couple of months ago, I saw a birth announcement in the News Sentinel for little Araea Sunshyne-(something I don't remember). Maybe you should pick that.


Anonymous said...

The baby girls I know are called Michaela, Kaitlin, Lisa, Candace, and Antonia. US South

Anonymous said...

Knox-Vegas here: I teach public high school. No offense to my sweet students, but how many Brittany, Amanda, Chelsea, Taylor, or Kaitlyn's can there be in one classroom! I like Olivia, Ashlynn, Suzette, Violet, names that are a little old fashioned sounding, but somehow new.

dewi said...

I live in NYC and people name the kids according to the religion or very strange made up names that I usually cannot pronounce and have to write it phonetically in my book to remember how to say the baby's name.

Most recent clients baby names:
Pyris (girl) sounds like the name of a car
Jolyon (boy) pronounced like Julian

Then every other client names the kid Olivia, or Olivier.

I cannot complain about what other people name their kid since I was stupid enough 20 years ago to give my daughter a boy's name. I have no idea what I was thinking; she recently told me there is a yahoo group for girls with this boy's name. So there are more stupid parents out there besides me ;-)

My daughters' middle name is Allison and I still adore that name.

Anonymous said...

Here in the midwest, names that end with an "en" sound, like Jayden, Kayden, etc. Also flower names are big like Lily, Violet, and Daisy are very popular.

Leslie said...

Weirdest name I have seen recently (browsing in the births section on the Knoxville New Sentinel): Jeweleighanna. I kid you not. Apparently, the new trend is to pick an overused name but spell it differently.

It seems to me that names with "ella" in them are very popular: Isabella, Annabella, Ella. I would pick Arabella, which I haven't heard but would go along with the trend.

Anonymous said...

sadie, sophie, sophia, olivia (nyc. 8 year olds)