a plan

Good news on the birth front.

I turns out that I can have the midwives from THE FREESTANDING BIRTH CENTER work together with a perinatologist and deliver the baby (with a waterbirth if I want it) at St. Mary's Hospital, right up the street from my house.

The midwives have a formal relationship with another perinatologist in town (meaning, not the one I see currently) to do this, so this won't require any effort on my part aside from changing perinatologists.

So I would see both the midwives and the perinatologist for my prenatal care, then the midwives would be the ones attending my birth in the hospital. I can bring my own birth tub into the hospital (my sister did this at the same hospital with her OB).

Maybe I'll even get really wacky and bring one of those DEADLY BIRTHING BALLS!



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I was born at Fort Sanders - but my mom moved on to St Mary's later for my brother- but that was many years ago now.

Anonymous said...

I was born at Ft. Sanders, too. And I guess my mom had a pretty natural birth -- Dad dropped her off at the door, and by the time he got done parking the car, I was here! Maybe that just says a lot about the parking issues in Knoxville -- even 24 years ago.
And I'm very glad you found a situation that'll work for you.


Vol Abroad said...

LOL - about the parking - gosh I was student 19 years ago - and yes parking was terrible

billie said...

That's great, Katie - you must be relieved and happy to get this news!