Jane was really sick for three days this week. Now Henry and Jon have it. The pediatrician told us Jane's was just a bad cold, but I actually think it's a pretty classic case of THE FLU.

So far Elliot and I have escaped, but I am sure we'll get it next - probably just when it's time for me to go back to work Monday. My boss, who is generally a great guy, has been rather irritated lately with people taking sick leave, so I really don't need to miss work this week. And of course I hope Elliot is spared because I hate to see the kids feel that bad. Poor Henry has hardly moved all day and even take-out Chinese for supper couldn't tempt him to eat more than a few bites.


jonathan hickman said...

I hate to be so disagreeable, but I have a pretty classic case of a cold, not the flu (which I keep wanting to type as the "flue").

Lori B said...

Oh dear. Hope she didn't have the true influenza, but just a viral bug of some sort. Not cool if you get influenza when you're pg. Did you get the flu vaccine? Highly recommended when pg.

Clisby said...

If someone is really sick for only 3 days, I'd doubt it was flu - unless it's a pretty mild case.

I've had influenza twice in my adult life; both times I was flat on my back for a full week, and didn't feel completely well for about 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Flu is "on your back" sick for 14 days or so, and I hope that is not the case for your family.